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Dr. Freya Terryn

Welcome to Beyond the Floating World, a project website where you'll find all things related to
my ongoing research projects and academic adventures !

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Ukiyo-e (lit., ‘pictures of the floating world’) refers to the Japanese traditional genre of woodblock printing. Despite their contemporary exclusive character, Japanese prints were a popular commercial art that produced multicolored printed images in very large quantities at low cost to satisfy the growing middle-class clientele of Tokyo.


My aim is to help you look "beyond the floating world". Did you know that the repertoire of ukiyo-e extends far beyond the classic three themes of landscapes, beautiful women, and kabuki actors? Have you considered the extent of the influence excerted by political developments and government regulations on the production of the prints?


Besides prints, I also aim to expand your knowledge of illustrated books, paintings, and print genres that have received less attention, with a focus on works published between 1765 and 1900, while I'll make sure that you'll be able to read the texts on the prints through transcription and translation.





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