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I was invited by Dr. Joran Proot to give a lecture on Tuesday May 9, 2023 at Karel de Grote University College. For students who are taking a course in graphic arts I gave an introductory lecture to Japanese woodblock print culture in Dutch.


I was invited by E. Culoth to give a lecture on Friday March 17, 2023 in the framework of the ‘Japan Week’ organized by the Centre d’Études japonaises at the University of Liège. My lecture, in French, was dedicated to investigating what role manga played in the work of woodblock print artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892).

I was invited by Prof. Dr. A. Niehaus and Prof. Dr. A. Andreeva from Ghent University to give a lecture on my ongoing research for the course “Culture in Perspective: South and East Asia” on Tuesday March 14, 2023. I gave a two-hour lecture on how the Hiroshige studio visualized the “One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each” (Hyakunin isshu) in illustrated woodblock-printed books. More precisely, I introduced two case studies: the book “Hyakunin isshu jokunshō” (Annotated Lessons for Women of One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), published in 1848 and illustrated by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797–1858) and “Kaika kyōkun: Dōke hyakunin isshu” (Lessons in Civilization: One Hundred Poets, One Humorous Poem Each), published in 1883 and illustrated by Utagawa Hiroshige III (1842–1894).

For the exhibition "Japan's Book Donation to the University of Louvain" (Oct. 28, 2022 - Jan. 15, 2023) organized at the University Library of KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium) I gave a lecture on how Belgium welcomed and promoted Japanese art from the early 1860s to the 1920s. My lecture was partially based on my written contribution to the exhibition’s catalog and ongoing research. You can read my chapter through my CV.

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For the exhibition “Shin Hanga - The New Prints of Japan (1900-1960)” (Oct. 10, 2022 - Jan. 15, 2023) at the Art & History Museum (Brussels, Belgium) I gave a lecture, in Dutch, on how Belgian artists succumbed to the charm of ukiyo-e and the Japonisme movement during the 19th and early 20th century. This lecture was part of a day event organized by Davidsfonds Cultuurnetwerk, which included my lecture, a lecture by curator Nathalie Vandeperre, a visit to the exhibition, and workshops. My lecture was based on ongoing research.


In July and August 2022 I was a research fellow at the Berlin State Library as part of the scholarship program of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. I conducted research for my ongoing research project “Hyakunin isshu and the Hiroshige studio.” During this talk I introduced the book "Hyakunin isshu jokunshō" ("Annotated Lessons for Women of One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each"), first published in 1848 and illustrated by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797–1858). More precisely, I covered an 1858-reissue housed in the collection of the Berlin State Library and framed it in the pictorialization history of Hyakunin isshu, in the tradition of instructional manuals for women (joshi yō ōraimono or jokunsho), and in the life and work of Hiroshige.


At the second edition of Bande dessinée en Asie de l’Est / East Asian Comics in Lyon (France) I presented a paper on the duality of manga in the work of print artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡芳年 (1839-1892). I am currently reworking this into a publication.

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